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Voltage Stability

Reactive Power Injection

New technologies to stabilize the grid voltage at residential distribution level are required to integrate more DER. Our inverter technology can deliver or absorb up to 10 kVAR of reactive power to stabilize local voltage at the secondary of distribution transformers by boosting or decreasing local voltage to a safe level, using the Volt/VAR method, without requiring any external sources of power.

Grid disturbances

High-Bandwidth Controller

Grid disturbance conditions will increase in the grids of the future due to EV charging, solar production and lack of maintenance. Our products were designed for GaN and SiC semiconductor technologies, switching at high frequency, making it possible to operate in these conditions. Our proprietary high-bandwidth controller is required to maximize these benefits, improving stability, power density and efficiency.


Built-in Split-Phase

When islanded, most grid-tied solar inverter-based systems are incapable of handling residential 120 V supply without using an external autotransformer, leading to a need for extra devices on the wall (additional costs and footprint, diminished aesthetic appeal, power conversion efficiency losses – 10% – and reduced power output). Idenergy’s technology offers an built-in, electronic split-phase feature.


Natural Convection Cooling

Idenergy’s technology is using natural convection to eliminates the need for external cooling fans, reducing maintenance, increasing reliability and eliminating noise when installed indoors. Its NEMA 4X ratings allows the unit to be installed outdoors for faster installation by professionals. Its casing is made from stainless steel and anodized aluminum, high-quality, easy-to-recycle materials.

Cyber Security

Minimizing Vulnerabilities

Idenergy is concerned about security implications of DER especially as its products are connected to the electricity grid. It is essential for cybersecurity vulnerabilities to be minimized by selecting suppliers based in the US, Canada or their close allies for all that concerns communications. Idenergy’s technology offers the promise of mobile, reliable and readily field-deployable energy equipment.

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