In 2018 , IEEE1547 introduced a new classification system with Categories A, B and I, II and III to raise the standards of acceptability for higher DER penetration on grids.

ISO New England (ISO-NE) is already requiring new installed inverters to comply with abnormal performance category II of IEEE Std 1547-2018. 

With California now requiring from 2020 every new residence built to be equipped with solar, there is no doubt that the accelerating rate of DER on the grid will force the rules to changes.

As the solar expansion continues to grow, only inverters with high standards of quality and disturbances resiliance will be accepted by utilities. We are introducing the most stable technology out there that will last the sands of time.

Only idenergy possesses the technological capabilities to address ieee1547 and california’s rule 21 requirements for residential solar p.v. expansion towards 2050