IDE-STATCOM for utilities


Increase the hosting capacity of your distribution lines with our Volt/VAR utility pole inverter.

The IDE-STATCOM : a Volt/VAR solution based on Idenergy’s inverter technology

The D-STATCOM (“DISTRIBUTED-STATCOM”) from Idenergy is an inverter mounted onto a utility pole that injects or absorbs reactive power in the grid at the secondary of the distribution transformer. As a result, it can provide several services to the grid, such as stabilizing voltage variations and increasing the hosting capacity of the power grid to allow for the installation of more solar PV capacity and electric vehicle chargers.

Volt/VAR curve

A Volt / VAR curve is simply programmed into the inverter according to grid parameters. The curve can be altered remotely through cellular communication. It is also possible to implement additional algorithms for coordinated action between units. To learn more about this feature, visit the Smart Grid section.


Reactive power is delivered locally at the secondary of the distribution transformer, thus interacting with local transformer inductance and inductive impedance due to spacing between power wires (required for isolation purposes), about 1 mH/km.

Remote grid monitoring

The unit allows signal samples to be sent remotely to a server accessible by the user or the utility company. This makes it possible to apply corrections in real time and to see their effects, in addition to benefiting from alerts reported by the unit, which is able to make its own diagnostics on the spot.

  • Visualize signal harmonic distortion
  • Resolution: 40 μs/pt
  • Number of signals: up to 6
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Apply signal correction
  • Probe results instantaneously

Easy installation

Example with a three-phase setup, on triple mount transformer racking

Simulation models for grid integration

Idenergy produces simulation models in order to predict the behavior of the grid and to optimize the use of D-STATCOMs.

Our Matlab inverter models can be used to simulate our D-STATCOMs in an electrical network and see the effects to plan how they should be distributed.

Once installed, by making comparisons with reality, it is possible to derive digital twins from them and integrate them into higher-level intelligence network management systems.



  • Embedded LTE server
  • Remote monitoring and control


  • Fanless design – Natural convection
  • Weatherproof- NEMA4X steel casing


  • High-quality film capacitors
  • Withstands heavy temperature variations


  • Remote control software and APIs
  • Matlab model available for simulations



Electrical specifications 4 kVAR 10 kVAR
Product name D-STATCOM 4k  D-STATCOM 10k
Product number INV02  INV04
Continuous output 25°C 4 kVA  10 kVA
Maximum input / output current 21 amps RMS 42 amps RMS
Nominal voltage 240 Vac 240 Vac
Max efficiency 97% 97%
Total harmonic distortion < 3% < 3%
Topology Single-phase inverter  Single-phase inverter
AC input/output frequency range 47 Hz – 63 Hz 47 Hz – 63 Hz
Power factor 0.025 to 1 lagging or leading 0.025 to 1 lagging or leading