Hybrid Inverter

The smartest residential hybrid inverter, battery charger and solar inverter out there, all united in a single platform!

All-in-one 6 kVA hybrid inverter system for complete energy autonomy

  • Solar power production

  • Home battery charging

  • Backup loads support

  • Grid-tied/off-grid modes

Ultra reliable, outdoor rated, fanless concept

Based on a highly efficient power electronics design, our inverters use natural convection for cooling and are completely NEMA3R-compliant.

  • Natural convection cooling – No fan, silent, reliable
  • High power density – Lightweight, compact
  • Improved efficiency – Increased lifetime

Reduction of electrical BOS

An “all-in-one” system means fewer components and cables to install on the wall and cuts installation time by a factor of 3.

Small footprint, lightweight

When it comes to installation, especially involving battery charging, inverters are large and heavy, require a lot of hardware and occupy a lot of wall space. We designed our technology with the latest high-frequency switching devices using the lightest passive components to make your life easier.

Flexible battery system

Our charger has been designed to adapt to all types of batteries whatever the voltage or chemistry:

  • Charge up to 250 V DC and maximize charge / discharge power.
  • Charges from 0 V – allows discharged batteries to travel discharged to installation site, or to recover them after a complete accidental discharge.
  • Accepts any type of chemistries (LifePO, Lead-Acid, AGM, Gel, Zinc and Li-ion)
  • Can adapt with BMSs (battery management systems) through as MODBUS.

High Voltage Battery Banks for Higher Charging Capacity

Our charger has been designed to adapt to various levels of battery string voltage up to 120V, granting extra charging power capacity:

Battery String Voltage   Max Charging Capacity

24 V                                    2 kW

48 V                                    4 kW

96 V                                    8 kW

120 V                                 9,6 kW


General specifications
Product name Hybrid Inverter
Product number HINV06
ldle consumption (invert mode, no load) 5 W
Max efficiency at full load (Solar to Load) 95,4 %
Max efficiency at full load (Solar to Battery) 91 %
Total harmonic distortion < 3%