Battery chargers

  • Protect your home from outages and monetize your investment

Grid-tied battery chargers

Idenergy’s grid tied battery charger allows the charging / discharging of a battery bank from your solar installation or the utility grid. Simply choose your favorite battery and build your own residential storage solution today.

  • Be totally independent from any manufacturer’s  “all-in-one” residential solution pricing.
  • Stack as many modules as you want for more charging / discharging capacity.
  • Allows to combine different battery banks of different age and chemistries.
  • Deliver grid-edge services when batteries are not in use.
  • Monetize your investment by selling energy to the grid or consuming it when kWh prices peak.

Universal battery charger

Our charger has been designed to adapt to all types of batteries, whatever the voltage or chemistry:

  • Can accept to charge up to 300 V DC and maximize charge / discharge power.
  • Can charge from 0 V – allows discharged batteries to be sent to users and charge them from scratch, on site, or to recover them after a complete accidental discharge.
  • Can adapt to different BMSs (battery management systems) through communication protocols such as MODBUS.

Backup source of energy during outages

Outages in the U.S.  are on the rise, year after year, for two reasons: (1) utility grids lack maintenance in many regions of the U.S. and (2) hurricanes are on the rise due to climate change.

If you are affected by any of these situations, you need to protect yourself using backup source of power. Generators require, fuel which is usually one of the first resources to come to a shortage. With a battery system, combined with a solar installation, you acquire security and an energy independence.

Monetize your investment with Time of Use functions

Over a period of 24 hours, the overall electricity consumption on the grid varies, reaching a maximum in the evening between 6 to 8 pm, exactly when the sun disappears, creating in some regions a peak in kWh pricing. Our chargers allow for energy storage during the day to either use it in your home or sell it back to the utility at a higher price. By properly managing this energy exchange, it is possible to generate additional revenue. Your excess in solar production can also be stored during the day so you can benefit from it at night.

Physical specifications

General specifications
ldle consumption (invert mode, no load) 5 W
Max efficiency at full load (solar to load) 95,40%
Total harmonic distortion < 3%