About Idenergy

Idenergy is developing and marketing innovative power electronics technologies that make the grid more robust, thereby enabling greater adoption of low-carbon energy supplies. Idenergy’s Hybrid inverters for residential application simplify and thus reduce the costs of installing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) systems that include combinations of PV, EVs and/or energy storage devices. In combination with Idenergy’s D-STATCOM power electronics devices to be deployed by utilities on their distribution networks, Idenergy’s products increase the reliability and quality of electricity supply, even in the face of growing DER deployment.

Our History

Based in Montreal, Idenergy was founded in 2011 to develop innovative products based on novel energy approaches. Upon its inception, Idenergy originally worked on the development of a unique river turbine for small-scale hydroelectricity production to serve remote locations.

Through the years, the company increased its power electronics skills in order to control the electrical generator. Many prototypes of embedded variable speed drives were developed as well as the first generation of a bidirectional DC to DC converter. Over time, the solar industry had become extremely competitive in terms of pricing, making the commercialization of hydrokinetic technologies very difficult. After a first year of deployment, the company re-evaluated its intellectual property portfolio and concluded that the most relevant assets were the power electronics it had developed. As the solar converter market was already saturated with grid-tied players, Idenergy started looking for what was next.

Furthermore, over the past few years, increases in the frequency and severity of storms, the deployment of residential solar photovoltaics (PV) systems, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), and the use of battery energy storage systems for supplemental power supply stress the operations of the electricity grid, which primarily still relies upon decades-old analog equipment. Idenergy’s products endeavor to solve these challenges and make grids more resilient and greener.