The team was formed in 2010 around an hydrokinetic technology allowing the generation of electricity from rivers.  Combining Quebec’s expertise in hydroelectricity, aluminum and renewable energy, Idénergie has successfully developed the first solution to easily generate electricity from the natural flow of a river to join solar panels and wind turbines in the growing residential renewable energy market.

Through the years, the company increased its power electronics skills in order to control the electrical generator. Many prototypes of embedded variable speed drives were developed as well as the first generation of a bidirectional DC to DC converter.

Over time, the solar industry had become extremely competitive in terms of price, making the commercialization of hydro kinetic technologies very difficult. After a first year of deployment, the company reevaluated its intellectual property portfolio and concluded that the most relevant assets were the power electronics it had developed. As the solar converter market was already saturated with grid-tied players, Idenergy started looking for what was next.

In 2016, a Vermont utility company named Green Mountain Power was seeking solutions for some of its increasing grid stability issues. For instance, the constant integration of more solar power into the grid brings its load of energy management issues. For this reason, they opened an incubator named Inspire Space were companies, through a contest, could be selected to benefit from resources provided by the company.

As Idenergy was selected, our team had the opportunity to speak with people dealing with grid problems, gaining information as to where to find the proper information to meet their needs. This was the starting point of the construction of a new way of conceiving energy conversion, getting the utility to participate in the residential energy generation by giving them access and control over some distant power converters. Idenergy’s platform was born!

Following one year of development, as the platform was improving every day, it started to gain the interest of investors in Quebec to join us, with players such as Boralex, who figured that the future of energy production will be on the rooftops, a distributed power plant were the client is sometimes the consumer, sometimes the producer.

Following the initiative of Martin Dallaire, of Fieldex Corporation, Idenergy initiated a reverse take over to become publicly traded and access the resources to take on the market of distributed energy ressources.

Idenergy has been recognized by various public and private entities for the quality of its project and business model. Always seeking to push back the limits of innovation, Idenergy is now widening its horizons by using its expertise in power electronics to compete in the solar power market.