MONTREAL (QC), May 20, 2022 – Idénergie inc., also known as IdenergyTM, a Montreal-based power electronics company specializing in advanced inverters will unveil its game-changing distributed low-voltage STATCOM (“IDE‑STATCOMTM”), at Distributech trade show, Hall C | Booth: 1015, due to take place in Dallas, TX on May 23-25, 2022 

Designed to increase grids’ “hosting capacity” for solar PV installations and electric vehicles, Idenergy’s innovative application of its proprietary technology is intended to solve major voltage fluctuation issues in areas with high Distributed Energy Resources (“DER”) penetration, including solar PV panels and electric vehicles.

Made exclusively for and controlled by utilities, IDE‑STATCOMs are installed on a utility pole, in parallel with the last distribution transformer serving a neighborhood, and work by controlling local voltage by injecting or absorbing reactive power into the grid following a volt-var curve algorithm.

Many electrical utilities, in North America and throughout the world, find themselves unable to cope these unwanted fluctuations, termed “voltage violations”, due to DER. Voltage violations pose a threat to appliances, which are designed to operate with approved voltage limits only.

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