Improved Signal Quality

This page is intended to show you what exactly comes out of our last generation grid-tied inverter and some smart grid features stemming from the latests stadards. We also emphasis on the higher quality of Idenergy’s signal control technology. A video demonstration is also available so you can see these functions dynamically.

Real Power

When producing electricity from solar panels, the current output of the inverter is synchronized with the grid voltage, following its natural sinewave shape.

Voltage Ride Through

When the grid voltage varies (increasing of decreasing) the inverter must contribute to the grid stability by

  1. withstanding this variation and not disconnecting
  2. Outputting a regular amount of power to the maximum of its capacity

Reactive Power

Reactive Power is the state when the current output of the inverter is not in phase with the grid voltage. It almost does not require energy to push current as it is happening at a moment when the voltage is low, thus it consumes no Real Power.

Leading and Lagging

Reactive Power can be in both direction, depending if it is injected late or in advance. It will influence the power factor and also make the grid voltage increase (lagging) or decrease (leading).


In the following video, you will see our inverter response to voltage and frequencies variations from the grid from our laboratory. We also demonstrate the injection of reactive power, both leading and lagging and also the transient.


In grid-tied inverter applications, transient is the short time period in which the inverter changes from one steady operating point to another one. It can be caused by changes of the grid voltage in terms of voltage level or frequency, or change of set-points of inverter controller. Transient state must be carefully controlled to avoid high current spike that could damage inverter components or other devices in the network. In the case of an inverter, the quality resides in the signal control during those transient and the required time to control them. This is where Idenergy’s technology excels and leaves competition behind. Below are some examples.